Legal Counsel for Life Science and Technology Ventures

ELA is composed of business-minded attorneys dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business objectives. Our mission is to be an indispensable and highly-valued team member through insightful thought partnership, effective problem solving, and passionate client service.

The incumbent legal services business model seems to be based on the view that clients exist to provide cash flow to their law firms. Consequently, business owners, responsible managers, and decision makers feel compelled to defer and narrow the scope of interactions with their lawyers as a strategy to manage blistering fees. Recognizing the dysfunction of this perception and turning it on its head, ELA was formed, and our reason to exist is first and foremost to serve and protect the interests of our clients. We are professionals and artisans first and fee generators second. Taking the long view, we know that if our clients do well, then we do well.

To realize on this vision, we couple our passion for excellence, service and seasoned experience with entrepreneurial creativity and flexibility in structuring our fee arrangements with our clients. When and as appropriate, we align our endeavor with those of our clients by sharing risk. Any team spending its own or its investors' money that believes it deserves tight alignment with and fair value from solution-minded business lawyers is speaking our language.

Please bear with us while our full site is under construction. Check back soon to learn more about ELA!